Lilo & Stitch 2: Stitch Has a Glitch

PG 1h 8m 2005


Stitch has been having a series of bad dreams. They are a symptom of his incomplete manufacture of Dr. Jumba Jookibah's Experiment 626. Jumba was arrested for unauthorized genetic experiments before Stitch's molecules could be completely charged. Now Stitch is losing energy that causes him to periodically and unpredictably go berserk. He keeps unintentionally sabotaging Lilo's attempts to create an original hula dance for the upcoming Aloha festival. Jumba can track Stitch's dwindling resources and tries his best to build a new fusion chamber in which to recharge him before it is too late. Stitch has one too many outbursts for Lilo's patience, so she sends him away. Big sister Nani tries to comfort her. Lilo has been counting on winning the hula contest just like her mother had done when she was a young girl about Lilo's age.

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