Borrowed Wives

1h 2m 1930


Peter Foley's grandfather wills him $1 million provided that he gets married. Peter plans to marry Alice Blake as soon as she arrives from Kansas City and to take her to his Uncle Henry's home before midnight. Her airplane is delayed, and Parker, to whom Peter is in debt, insists that his own girl friend, Julia, pose as Peter's wife. Alice is informed by Joe Blair that Peter is actually married to Julia; she agrees to marry Joe if this is true; and they are pursued by Bull, a motorcycle policeman who loves Julia. Complications follow at Uncle Henry's: Lawyer Winstead, who is found bound and gagged, agrees to marry them; the uncle, revealed to be posing as a paralytic, is exposed as a villain; and Peter and Alice are married before the hour appointed in the will.

Director: Frank R. Strayer

Genres: Comedy

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